We have been bringing deals to investors for nearly a decade –

Since 2005 we have been searching, analyzing and negotiating both on and off market deals both in Massachusetts as well as nationwide. Early 2004 we were a local fix and flip entity that had a basic problem all investors face to this day when flipping homes, scalability… We noticed the market was missing a void, a professional property finding team that not only has the right tools to search, analyze and negotiate investment deals, but also has the expertise and experience in this volatile real estate market. We urge you to join our VIP lists and be the first to know about significantly discounted properties, before your competitor does. At out fair discounted list prices, we have created relationships not only in the state of Massachusetts, but also nationwide.


Knack in Marketing for deeply discounted properties

Using our proprietary software coupled with our knack in implementing solutions for distressed home owners, we are able to provide our investors to the most discounted properties to invest in one deal at a time.

Our Actions

Real Estate Property Finding system

2005 – Present

This is a proprietary system that is only accessible to those who work directly for the Propertiworx Realty Group. The system is linked to both Zillow and Redfin along with a direct connection to the MLS network. This allows for carefully filtered and accurate comparables we can guarantee for each and every one of our investor clients.

Gary E Leonard Jr

2004 – Present

After flipping his first home while attending college in Brookline, he noticed a huge lull between “flips” that went on for months, sometimes years for fellow investors. This made this investment strategy very hard to scale because the flipper would need to begin all over again after selling their last flip. Between this time, the market can change, the people and sometimes, the laws. Gary wanted to think of a way for investors to actually scale their businesses by cutting out the deal finding processes altogether.

Property Investing Solutions

2008 – Present

We also provide creative seller carry deals structures that allows us to touch base on investors who are interested in cash now, cash flow, and cash later type of deals. We rather not be one dimensional and provide the best service to those who are looking to scale their flipping business to the next level.

Strong Relationships

2015 – Present

Since 2015 we have formulated a partnership with both Keller Williams and Century 21 Northeast Office here in Massachusetts to allow us to provide the best in property and deal investments for our clients. This allows us to find deals that nobody has yet found nor heard of. We also have a knack in marketing capabilities along with proprietary AI software that auto-magically adjusts once it senses data indicating to overnight market shifts. This means that our data is continuously adjusting so that we can provide numbers correctly TODAY for our clients rather than using numbers provided yesterday. We understand that investors make money when they BUY not when they sell.

Let’s make something together.

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